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Microwaste @ Recycling Point

The Politecnico of Turin presented to the public and to investors the companies hosted in its I3P incubator.

Turin, 14 may – (Recycling Point) – Reusing, fixing, renewing and recycling materials to revitalize the Italian economic system. This is the challenge of the innovative start-ups of the I3P incubator of the Politecnico of Turin, which on May 5th showcased the new green firms hosted by the incubator. The occasion was a conference by the title “Circular economy: solutions to access a €604 billion worth sector in Europe” (“Economia circolare: soluzioni per aggredire un settore da 604 miliardi di euro in Europa”). This is more than just an economic sector: it is a new market perspective that has the potential to help both the environment and the pockets of potential investors.

The start-ups presented in Turin work in the most diverse fields: new generation fuels obtained from plastic materials or oils with a high level of fatty acids, lightened cement mixes for construction, new generation bioplastics made with biomasses from food waste, etc.



Microwaste aims at solving the problem of asbestos waste on a national scale in a completely ecological way. The company plans to deliver an on-site asbestos inertisation service through a mobile microwave-based heat treatment: this system eliminates the carcinogenic potential of asbestos, making it a marketable secondary raw material. The inertisation process consists in heating the asbestos at high temperatures (1,000-1,5000°C), so as to completely modify its chemical structure. The asbestos is thus transformed into a new material called Atonit, which has been proven to be completely harmless for humans and for the environment: Atonit can be mixed with cement to create a construction material similar to pozzolanic cement.

For more information, visit the I3P website

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